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Community Portal - what's happening in VLECK

Welcome to the Community Portal of Vegetation and Landscape Ecology's Knowledge base VLECK. This is the central stage of the activities and communication of VLECK. Find out what's going on and what's to be done.

If you're looking for...
  • Help and documentation about specific aspects of the wiki-system: Your best option is the MediaWiki-wensite (http://www.mediawiki.org. The helpdesk isn't manned yet as the community is still quite small, but you could ask me.
  • How to create and edit articles: Her's some useful pages for you: formatting Wikipedia and some formatting examples, all about formula syntax formula syntax, and a place to try out without messing up things, the sandbox.
  • A discussion room where you can meet other users: other wikis have a pub or a coffee table, however, it seems a bit of overkill here yet. Let me know if you'd feel the need for it.</div>


For now, the aim is to document models, modeling environments and other software. It's not just about documenting, it's about creating usefull documentation for ourselves. When was the last time you figured out how to use a function or what the # some source-code was meant to do?? Log here what you found out - hopefuly next time you'll can profit from what someone else wrote.


Everyone in the WUR-net can help making this a useful system. Just register, and start. The more is here, the less frequently you'll be looking in vain for what you need. The search-function helps you with that. Please add associative links where-ever it seems useful.


Please note that the information here is meant to be read and understood. So don't write or copy scientific articles here! (Although admittedly, as a quick start I did exactly that...). Do not hesitate to improve what others wrote.

For help on the technical aspects of writing in this wiki, you'll find more information than you can read on the Wikipedias and at MediaWiki. It is exactly the same CMS here, only the lay-out is slightly different and not all the templates are present.