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PostgreSQL is a database program, comparable with Oracle. PostgreSQL is developed as open source and therefore free of costs. At Alterra-EM a central database (or databases) is maintained on a server which is running permanently. This central server should be used to store valuable data. Contact ... for further information.

Programs for accessing the database

Linking PostgreSQL tables in MS-Access

  1. Download and install PsqlODBC to your Windows client.
  2. Edit pg_hba.conf (usually in your PostgreSQL /data directory) to allow for remote access by your client IP address or address range.
  3. Create an ODBC DSN on your Windows machine using the PostgreSQL driver, pointing to the remote PostgreSQL server.
  4. Now, just use Access to connect to the local DSN on your Windows machine.
  • File | Get External Data | Link Tables ...
  • In the Files of type-drop-down, scroll all the way down to ODBC Databases
  • Select your new ODBC database

Local installation in Windows

PostgreSQL can be installed locally on a computer on Windows systems as well as on other operating systems.



SQL Extensions

SQL functions have been developed at Alterra. These functions can be installed locally. For an up to date list with examples and tutorial see PostgreSQL SQL extensions