ForGEM - initialisation of the management

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Distribution of Forest Management Approaches over Europe (Hengeveld et al., 2012)

For forest management, we follow the classification of Forest Management Approach (Duncker et al. 2012), projected to the European scale (Figure 5 (Hengeveld et al. 2012)). As simulations at the European scale for each km2 grid cell is too calculation intensive, a stratified sampling scheme is used based on the Global Environmental Stratification (Figure 6 (Metzger et al. 2005, Metzger in press)). See: for the description of the forest intervention types that can be simulated with the ForGEM model, with the description of the management parameters that can be set by the user. The details how the Forest Management Approaches are characterised in terms of forest intervention types is presented at:

Global Environmental Stratification, according to Metzger et al., 2013