Setup CSR in Eclipse

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To setup the Eclipse Interactive Development Environment for Python with PyDev, please refer to the documentation available on the Internet.

At present CSR uses Python 2.7; to build CSR, the Numpy and Scipy libraries are required that do not make part of the standard Python installation. Check your Python 2.7-installation wheteher either of the two might be available. Normally you'd find them in the <python 2.7>\lib\site-packages directory.

If the libraries are not already present, they ought to be installed. First Numpy, then Scipy. Windows-32 users may find the following binary installers useful: NumPy and ScipPy

In Eclipse, open the menu Window|preferences. In the options tree, select PyDev-->Interpreter - Python. This is what you should see after a fresh standard installation of Python 2.7:


Now only add from <python 2.7>\lib\ the xml directory (NumPy & SciPy are automatically included with the Site-Packages directory):