Referencing literature with DOI

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A copyright-save and permanent way to link to literature is using the DOI (Digital Object Identifier). Then keeps an up-to-date location of the article and links to are transparently forwarded. Normally this will be the publishers/journal site.

When the reader has access to the payed content offered by the publisher, the article can be read immediately. Otherwise, the article can be downloaded after payment.

In VLECK, using the DOI is facilitated by the DOI template. When linking to articles, you only have need to write the template name, the DOI, and some human readable text. The wiki system then will take care of the creation of the proper link.


Article A model of the gas exchange response ofPicea abies to habitat conditions by E. Falge, W. Graber, R. Siegwolf and J. D. Tenhunen in Trees - Structure and Function, Volume 10, Number 5, pages 277-287

has DOI: 10.1007/BF02340773

To link to it, type in the wiki-editor:

{{DOI|10.1007/BF02340773|Falge et al., 1996}}

(mind the vertical bars ( | ) as separators) to create the link as shown below:

Falge et al., 1996

try it!