CSR Runtime-Environment setup

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directory structure

.settings (managed by Eclipse IDE)
io input and output areas
area contains files that define the living population of the area
database (obsolete)
maps contains the input maps that define area and soil
output is where the model writes its output
typology contains the type files for the model's objects
satellite sources ...
src root of the sourcefiles, als contains the configuration file
_base (yet unused)
animal model source related to animals
BaseModel model sourcese realted to definig the simulated area
engine python sources necessary for running the model
Generic python sources not specific for CSR
Meteo model sources ralated the weather and climate
Plant model source related to plants
soil model source related to soil
thirdParty imported python code not maintaind within this project
ValueClasses python sources for smooth control of quantities and their units
test root of the unit tests; the substructure reflects that of src

bold faced directories define the domain specific parts of the model and should me actively maintaind by the modeler; the other directories are required for running the model, but their python sources should not be changed without in-depth understanding of the internal mechanisms of CSR.

required files